Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sandi Update 7/20/17

After spending all morning and much of the early afternoon at the house doing stuff, we went to the hospital to see Sandi. She was awake, alert, and sitting up out of bed as the the IV pump pulsed antibiotic into her. She still has no fever and things seem to be relatively stable so far.

She will have, at the minimum, two weeks of in hospital antibiotics around the clock per the doctor today. Once she finishes that, they will assess her and then made a decision whether to send her home for a brief break or to go straight into chemo. We cross that bridge when we get there.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Brief Update

Temp remains the same and she says she feels fine. Antibiotics continue. They are considering temporarily locking down her port to protect that access point while she is hospitalized and only using the tri fusion deal that was installed last month after the chemo fiasco. More as I know it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sandi Hospitalized

After seemingly a very good day with Sandi where she was much more like normal, we got a call from the doctor’s office just before five. It was news they did not want to get or share. All of the blood tests from Sunday came back positive. That means she definitely does have a bacterial blood infection and it is serious. We were told to get to the hospital asap so that they could get her admitted and start IV antibiotics.

By 7:30 this evening they had her admitted, already had done a chest x-ray to make sure that her heart and lungs are still okay, and had discovered that she is now running a very low grade fever. They had pulled blood for another round of testing and were setting her up to start IV antibiotics. She was very tired and very cold so they had four blankets on her to try to warm her up.

I don’t know if she will be in for two weeks as discussed yesterday at the oncologist’s office or something else is now planned. All I do know is that the folks on her case are clearly very worried.

Author Bill Crider Interviewed at Lone Star Listens

Author Bill Crider Interviewed at Lone Star Listens

Monday, July 17, 2017

In Reference To Murder: Media Murder for Monday 7/17/17

In Reference To Murder: Media Murder for Monday 7/17/17

Scott's Anthology Idea

From time to time when we are running errands and driving around, Scott makes suggestions about stuff I should be writing. The other day Scott suggested an anthology idea that struck me as interesting. The title of the anthology--- DEAD BECAUSE OF TED. It would contain 15 or so stories that revolved around the idea that one of the characters was dead because of Ted. Ted would have to be alive, but somehow he had played a role, directly or indirectly, in why a character in a story was dead. The story would explain why the character was dead and therefore could be a mystery, crime fiction, or thriller. 

Seemed like a heck of a good idea to me. Making it happen would be the issue.

A Writer's Life....Caroline Clemmons: COURTING THE CORPORAL -- READ WITH A GLASS OF WINE...

A Writer's Life....Caroline Clemmons: COURTING THE CORPORAL -- READ WITH A GLASS OF WINE...: COURTING THE CORPORAL by Heather McCorkle Genre: Historical Romance  Pub Date: 6/27/17 Guest Post  By Heather McC...

Bookblog of the Bristol Library: Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie

Bookblog of the Bristol Library: Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie:  Reviewed by Ambrea Allie McGuffey is a radio producer.   She’s the best in the business at WBBB, but when her boyfriend and ...


TEXAS BOOK LOVER: Monday Roundup: TEXAS LITERARY CALENDAR 7/17-23: Bookish events in Texas for the week of July 10-16, 2017:  Special Events: Texas Shakespeare Festival , Kilgore, June 29-July 30 The LaN...

Back Home

We are back home from seeing her cancer doctors at the hospital. Upon further review, there is now more confidence that the positive test results over the weekend were caused by contamination. This new belief is due to a number of factors including the fact that she is slowly improving in strength and mental ability and she does not have any sign of fever. If she was infected with what the test came back as claimed, one round of antibiotics done yesterday would not do much of anything. It would require a two week admission to the hospital with round the clock antibiotics that would play havoc with her still very unstable kidneys. Because of that, the planned antibiotic infusion for today has been cancelled.

They should have the results of the blood tests they did yesterday sometime tomorrow morning. All the tests were repeated today as a double check on results.

If the tests yesterday come back positive tomorrow, she will be admitted and the antibiotics will be started. There is no choice on that.

If they come back negative, as now expected, then we just keep doing what we have been doing and go back in Thursday as planned for another round of blood testing and a doctor visit.

So, we are a bit relieved and feeling a little more optimistic after the weekend scare. Obviously, as we well know, everything can change in a second. But, for right now, this was all good news today.

Aubrey Hamilton Reviews: How to Survive Anything: From Animal Attacks to the End of the World (and Everything in Between)

Aubrey is back today with another interesting review…

I am taking a bit of a break from mysteries this week to talk about a book that I consider a good reference for everyone and an excellent resource for mystery authors who want to realistically extract their characters from whatever mayhem the plot has inflicted upon them. How to Survive Anything: From Animal Attacks to the End of the World (and Everything in Between) is one of several books written by Tim MacWelch and the editors of Outdoor Life Magazine (Weldon Owen, 2015).

Tim has run an outdoor survival skills training center in northern Virginia for about 20 years,, where he teaches archery, foraging, bushcraft, wilderness first aid, and similar courses to summer camps, law enforcement personnel, search and rescue teams, Boy Scouts, and all of the U.S. military services. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at a library program over the winter.

 How to Survive Anything is an oversized softbound book with metal reinforcements on the cover corners and full of color illustrations. It addresses nearly 50 dangerous situations in three groups: The Unexpected -- Everyday hazards such as severe weather, power failures, and car crashes; The Unpredictable – Earthquakes, home invasions, and plane crashes; and The Unthinkable – Kidnapping, pirates, and terrorism. The first pages in the book after the table of contents show a matrix plotting each situation on a Dangerous to Deadly/Be Prepared to Only in the Movies axis. Car crashes, for instance, are firmly on the Be Prepared side and zombie attacks are on the Only in the Movies end of the continuum. In some sections the matrix is repeated with more detail, thunderstorms are less deadly but more common than hail and flash floods are more dangerous than either.

Each section outlines the danger, lists the warning signs, and describes the appropriate response. (If you are on the beach and the water suddenly recedes well beyond its normal point, a tsunami is on the way. You have about 5 minutes to run as fast as you can.) Statistics related to the danger make interesting background reading – 50 children are mugged every day in London, usually for their mobile phones. The packing lists for emergency kits are especially useful, as are the references to essential equipment (radiation detector, car escape tool, fire extinguisher). 

 Some of the information is not new (change the batteries in smoke detectors twice a year) but it isn’t wrong and bears repeating for thoroughness. Some of the information is definitely new to me, for instance the guidance to stand in a doorway during an earthquake has been determined to be flawed.  I didn’t know black bears are more aggressive than grizzly bears either. Quite worrying considering the recent number of black bear sightings in suburban back yards. The answer? Bear spray. An illustration shows the safest seats on an airplane and the most dangerous. Another shows how to wash your hands thoroughly if you’re in the midst of a pandemic.

I could wish the book were not so flippant in spots but perhaps that says more about me than the book. Highly recommended resource for anyone who lives in a house, drives a car in the snow or on ice, flies in an airplane, goes camping or hiking in the wilderness, swims at a beach, or simply walks down the street.

  • Publisher: Weldon Owen (2015)
  • ISBN-10: 1616289503 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1616289508

Aubrey Hamilton © 2017
Aubrey Hamilton is a former librarian who works on Federal IT projects by day and reads mysteries at night.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

KRL This Week Update for 7/15/17

Up in KRL this morning a review & giveaway of "Enforcing the Paw" by Diane Kelly & an interesting interview with Diane

And a review & giveaway of "A Ghostly Light" by Juliet Blackwell

Also a review & giveaway of "Mocha and Murder" by Tonya Kappes

And we have a review & giveaway of "Witch Summer's Night Cream" by H.Y. Hanna & a short interview about magic with HY.

We also have a review & giveaway of "Death in Abstract" by Emily Barnes

Over on KRL News & Reviews, we have a review and giveaway of "Fatal Forgeries" by Ritter Ames
Happy reading, Lorie

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Writers union sues Ebony Media for failing to pay $200,000 to 50 freelancers

Scammers Break The Kindle Store

Scammers Break The Kindle Store

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bacterial Blood Test--Positive

Just got woken up by one of Sandi's doctors who called to check on her and discuss symptoms. Apparently, at least one, if not more, of the bacterial blood tests has come back positive. The doctor is clearly very worried.

We are now to be at the hospital in nine hours so they can draw all the blood samples again to see if this is a false positive caused by contamination in the sample or something else. So, at least part of our Sunday morning will be spent on the 9th floor of Medical City Dallas Hospital.

Mystery Fanfare: Thriller Awards 2017

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Bookblog of the Bristol Library: Man Overboard by J.A. Jance

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Gravetapping: Mystery Scene Issue No. 150

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